Smith & Nephew

VERSAJET* II Hydrosurgery System

The VERSAJET II Hydrosurgery System uses a razor-thin saline jet to optimize surgical debridement. The system enables a surgeon to precisely select, excise and evacuate nonviable tissue, bacteria and contaminants from wounds, burns and soft tissue injuries using a tissue-preserving technique. This reduces time to closure and may reduce overall treatment costs.

Optimize surgical debridement with VERSAJET II Hydrosurgery System


  • Target devitalized tissue and debris using the localized vacuum
  • Accesses contoured anatomy with ease and control
  • Control depth of excision with multiple power settings
  • Use fewer instruments/supplies potentially reducing cost per procedure


  • Ablates nonviable tissue with maximum precision
  • Excises at a depth of 50-200µm
  • Provides a clean, uniform wound bed
  • Reduces bacterial burden
  • Removes soft tissue biofilm
  • Allows minimal peripheral tissue damage
  • Preserves tissue


  • Removes debris and slough while preserving viable tissue
  • Selective removal of necrotic tissue, debris and inhibitory elements
  • Enables immediate graft coverage
  • Reduces procedure time
  • Reduces time to closure